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The main objective of Enjell’s Tech Aid is to create valuable exchanges between consumers and producers online. The online market consists of those consumers who are willing and able to purchase products, hence creating exchanges that satisfy both parties at a relative competitive price. Enjell’s Tech Aid plays a vital part in ensuring that the distribution channel between the producer and the consumer is complete.

Spreadsheet Template for Schools

Our templates are custom-made for Educational institutions and businesses for stock or inventory management. Our focus is to ease the stress in computations while ensuring accuracy, speed and perfect presentation.

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Challenging Strands in the new Curriculum


Cherubim Fiadzigbe

Introduction to Electronic Spreadsheet


Wilfred Boateng

Introduction to Programming


Orpheus Armah-Ewusi

Artificial Intelligence


Robert Ennin

Algorithm and Robotics

Cherubim Senam Fiadzigbe

CFO & Founder

Enjell’s Tech Aid is a very important player in Online marketing. Both the consumers and producers gain immensely from the roles Enjell’s Tech Aid play in the distribution channel. we ensure that there is a impeccable flow of goods in the market by matching supply and demand. Enjell’s Tech Aid cinches the distribution of quality goods at competitive price with consumer.

With the rapid development in the field of business activities, the business of today is not confined to a village or a city or a state. In this situation, it is not possible for producers or an importer to have direct contact with the consumers or potential consumers. Thus we say that Enjell’s Tech Aid, today plays a vital role in the transfer of goods from the warehouse of the producers to the consumers and moreover an important link between producers and ultimate consumers.

Special Materials for Schools


The new Curriculum has placed a lot of demand on the Facilitators of Computing discipline to introduce learners to basic programming such Spreadsheet and VB.Net. Check out our newsletters and notes to help ease delivery challenges.